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Yasmina Karli Malmsten

The Palm of My Hand 

03.03 - 15.04 2023


Friday March 3rd
Time: 18.00 - 21.00
DJ: Wiya Ngeh


Saturday March 4th

15.00 - 16.00

Welcome to the realm of Yasmina’s world.

Under calming colors, shapes of human-like beings, birds and luminous flower sculptures, rest a narrative of affection. An embrace of mural works surrounds us with companionship and female presence. Inspired by dreams and personal relationships, Yasmina explores the theme of human connection and the idea of inclusivity. In the show The Palm of My Hand, Yasmina presents a brand new collection of paintings, screen prints, sculptures, paintings and mural works.

Yasmina Karli Malmsten (b.1993, Järna, Sweden), is a Malmö based multidisciplinary artist working with silkscreen printing, sculpture and large scale mural works. Her pieces are characterized by grap- hic color blocks, extended bodies with an intimacy that despite its simplicity and minimalistic approach evoke a sense of belonging.

Most known for her figurative silkscreen prints, Yasmina manages to express forcefully through her works with technical precision and few colors. Her motifs often consist of characters caring for each other, seemingly at peace with reality.

At Cowgirl Gallery, Yasmina debuts in painting. Her new work strongly reminds us of her screen printing. The graphic shapes have been translated into brushstro- kes and enabled her to use colors in a more dynamic way.

Yasmina has previously exhibited at Skånes Konstförening, Malmö Museer, Grafiska Sällskapet, Galleri Helle Knudsen in Stockholm, Trelleborgs museum, Galleri Slätten, Kulturens Hus in Luleå, Galleri Sander, Women’s Studio Workshop in New York, Espace Niemeyer in Paris among others.

Very welcome!

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Curator / Gallerist

Selma Modéer Wiking

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