Welcome to the cultrual meeting point in the heart of Malmö.

The Cowgirl Gallery is a modern art gallery, venue & coffee bar.

Here you find live music every week, new exhibitions every month, cinema screenings, poetry readings, workshops, ceramics, magazines, posters and all the curious folks of Malmö! Daily the gallery serves specialty coffee from Love Coffee Roasters and the space is work friendly with free Wi-Fi.

All the events is free and open for everyone with the possible to support the gallery with an optional amount.

Cowgirl, founded in 2021, runs solely by Selma Modéer Wiking (b.1999) with the vision to create a creative and inclusive space for creators and artists.

If you are interested in exhibiting, performing, collaborate or rent the space for a cultural event; get in touch!



Tue-Fri 10-17

Sat-Sun 12-17

Founder / Creative Director / Curator / Graphic Designer / Booker

Selma Modéer Wiking




Johan Röing, Olof Grind, John Molesworth, Julia Åberg, Harriet Raab, Martin Bryder, Futuro Berg, Eliza Hilding, Daniela Doe, Josefina Gyllensköld, Lamia Karic, Glen Baghurst, Isabelle Nilsson, Yasmina Karli Malmsten, Hanna Tordai, Aylin Scheer, Morten Soerensen, Klara Viriden, Ella Rennéus, Javier Masa, Magda Lundberg,  Rickard Grönkvist, Adèle Tornberg, Linnéa Romling, Sebastian Thorsted, Nicoline Blincher, Anna Kristensson, Julia Sixtensson, Linn Boekhout, Adam Arinbjarnarson, Agnes Nebrelius, Ella Stene, Stine Lagerquist, Anton Ströbeck, Frida Gällblad, Simay Keles, Frida Rådlund, Malin Sjöstedt, Isa Robertini, Phoebe Crookes, Idun Wahlgren, Aleksandra Skowronska, David Anthony Sant, Isabel Rodriguez Ramos, Franziska Ostermann


Alexandra Shabo, Josef Slunge, Cassius Lambert, Yoshua Ng, Astrid Mélen, Duppy Tales, Ture Butler, TEX, Bella Leonette, Fabian Aspelin, Gus Blunt, Reehn, Wilma Holmes, Alicia Lindberg, Christoffer Heden, Ivar Lodén, Stars In Coma, Matilda Augustin, Salomon Jakobsson, Anders Lindsjö, Martin Küchen, Yari Blue, Medi Jazz Duo, Jonathan Dafgårds Trio, Matilda Shoborger, Stella Gustin Jazz Quartet, Adam Sass, Rasmus Paulsson, Friggen,  Lilly Avelin, Rasmus Paulsson, MIRIAM, Stirner Acoustic, Jim Base, Anna Frykstam, Johannes Bergill, Talking Flowers, Viggo Hasselquist, Ebba Dankel, Hilda Nordkvist, Eblo Music, Anna Nicole

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