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09.08 – 09.09.23

Alberte Skronski
James Schrieber
Isabel Theselius
Palle Ankersen

Sara Sjöbäck


COLLISION | 5 Artists
Exhibition Period

09.08 – 09.09.23

Large-scale painting, drawings and sculpture are presented by Alberta Skronski, James Schrieber, Isabel Theselius, Sara Sjöbäck and Palle Ankersen. 

Upon entry, our attention is captured by James Schrieber's expansive painting, portraying a couple obscured by a web of yellow paint. The portrait, draws inspiration from old family photos of his grand parents. Born in the USA, advertising and commercialism saturated James’ visual impressions, and have in turn influenced his artistry through his use of symbols, bold contrasts and signal colors. James's instinctive process and motif selection occur at a playful pace, with a deliberate effort to embrace impulses and new impressions without hesitation.

The industrial neon light installation crafted from recycled car parts is a signature piece by designer and installation artist Sara Sjöbäck. Through the combination of light, she shapes hard materials into objects that form spatial installations. Her materials resonate with heavy industry, and her work has graced venues Stockholm's auction house, Institute Suedoise in Paris, the Swedish Embassy in Copenhagen, and Nordiska Galleriet, among others. Sjöbäck has studied at Royal College of Art in London (MFA), Beckmans Design högskola (BA), and Konstfack.

A slaughtered pig. A crashed car. No harm has been done. Danish-born artist Alberte Skronski lives and creates in Copenhagen, exploring installations, videos, and sculptures across a diverse range of materials. She developed her craft for sculpture and painting while studying in Florence at a classical art atelier, and holds a BFA from The Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Art in Stock- holm. Alberte's works have graced multiple Scandinavian venues.

In the hallway, Isabel Theselius presents two colored pencil drawings on paper, delving into myths surrounding a 1960s diner and bowling alley called The Red Mill in Detroit, Michigan. Intrigued by fire, Theselius was captivated by the diner's history of twice-burning down under enigmatic circumstances. Drawing from old interior photos, Theselius reimagines the diner's fiery moments. These drawings recall a post-war American era, fraught with loss and recurring tragedy, shadowed by civil unrest and the 1967 Detroit Riots. Isabel Theselius holds an MFA in Studio Art from the University of California Irvine and a BFA in Fine Arts from Valand School of Fine Arts in Gothenburg.

In the second room, Palle Ankersen's distinctive drawings are displayed. His stylized depictions of nature, coulisse-like rooms, calm violence, agriculture, deformed animals are recurring in his works. Utilising paper, glass, and collages, he merges simplicity with intricate layers, crafting scenes where fictional events reflect reality through enigmatic symbolism. Palle studied at Konstskolan Munka, Östra Grevie Folkhögskola, and holds a BFA in Fine Arts from Konstfack.

Article in Sydsvenskan

Curator: Selma Modéer Wiking

The Cowgirl Gallery

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