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Exhibition Flat-Out, Flat-Pack: 16.9 - 19.10 2022

John Molesworth

Vernissage 16.9 2022

”Flat-out: As fast as possible, without hesitation or reservation.
Flat-Pack: Pieces packed flat in a box for easy transport and are assembled.”


A vibrant and colorful exhibition packed with material experiments, prints, ceramics and sculptures which playfully investigates the making and artistic process with a consideration of questions; ”How do different materials produce different feelings and senses?”

John Molesworth, born 1994 in UK, is an illustrator, artist and ceramicist who creates colorful illustrations that catch the eye. He studied illustration at Camberwell College of Art and his colourful sensibility and process-driven approach is refreshing. Exploring the discipline through paintings, posters, publications and drawings, there’s a sense of freedom in John’s work.

John's current work takes a bold, vivid, and a process driven approach across his portfolio, whether it's paintings or posters, publications or drawings. John draws his inspiration from literature, art, materials and observation.

This exhibition runs: 16.09 - 19.10 2022

Very welcome, everyone!

Tuesday - Friday 10-17
Saturday - Sunday 12-17

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