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Exhibition High Voltage: 12.8 - 13.9 2022

Isabelle Alice Nilsson / High Voltage

Vernissage 12.8 2022

Isabelle Alice Nilsson (b. 1999) is a Malmö based visual artist who mainly works with oil painting, but also textile, sculpture and video. Large scale depiction, peculiar angles and contrasts is what often characterizes Isabelle’s art. Using modes of language in relation to imaging is a red thread through most of her work - this creates a dialogue between text and the visual. With elements of pop culture as well as personal experiences she creates her own imagery, reminiscent of classical painting mixed with our contemporary and digital world.


Isabelle has previously been shown at Martin Bryder Gallery, FRANK Gallery, Molekyl Gallery - and many more. Now it is time for her second solo show. 

“High Voltage” presents a collection of works made by the artist over the past year. High voltage can in simple terms be explained as pressure or constant movement. This movement is a driving force forwards - towards immediate change. With this abstract starting point Isabelle has produced a handful of art works which are presented here at The Cowgirl Gallery in August.


Don't miss to the opening night for the new exhibition 'High Voltage':

August 12th 18.00-21.00. There will be live music and mingle!
Very welcome!

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