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Wear The Art  | Textile exhibition | 29.04-18.05 2022
Ine Gyllensvärd, Eliza Hilding, Daniela Doe

“Wear the Art” is a collaborative exhibition between three designers and FNGRLCKN. As collaborations between young creatives are increasingly facilitated through social media, this connection stands out as it is entirely based on physical proximity. It exemplifies the importance of public spaces where creatives can meet and get together.

Ine, Eliza, and Daniela share a love for vivid colors and graphic patterns. In this exhibition, they combine their designs and aesthetics to showcase a blurring of the lines between art and fashion, gallery and body. The exhibi- tion also includes textile art that connects to the practice of fashion design. In the spirit of the exhibition’s title, some designs will be available to try on and style on your own body.

Ine Gyllensvärd is an fashion designer from Stockholm whose interested for crafts and art is brought into their design practices. With a fondness for graphic elements and color, Ine’s design is an exploration of the body and its relation to identity. As newly graduated student from The Swedish School of Fashion, they exhibit both the very first and very last pieces made during their fashion education. Sustainable creation permeates Ine’s crea- tion. Through conscious choices, recycled materials and flea market finds, each work becomes unique.

Eliza Hilding is a French & Swedish fiber artist specializing in knitwear de- sign and crochet. After learning how to knit at the age of 8, Eliza found their true interest in fashion, when moving to Malmö, in 2017.
As they fell in love with the magic of handcrafts and experimenting with dif- ferent textiles and colors, they decided to found “Elizations”, a slow fashion brand selling one of one pieces and knitting patterns.


Daniela Doe is a Portuguese graphic designer passionate about handcrafts. She combines various techniques such as painting, sculpting, designing clothes and creating art both digitally and analogue. Now living in Malmö since 2020, Daniela has been developing a greater interest in handcrafted textiles. Danielas hand made rugs are inspired by flowers, nature, vibrant colors, and shapes, where she explores new ways of combining experimen- tal graphic design with an old analog technique. These rugs are made out of leftovers and old stocks of yarn, which makes each yarn color limited.

wear the art
daniela doe
ine gyllensvärd
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