October, 2021

The Grand Opening of The Cowgirl Gallery collects 20 artist from Sweden, Denmark and France. A group exhibition with a mixture of photography, painting, sculpture, screen printing, tufting and collage. The selection is made to bring different types of artists, technics and stories into the gallery.

Beneath you find a selection of the artists. Everyone contributed with one selected piece.

A warm big thanks to all the artists.

The Cowgirl Gallery

Founder, Selma Modéer Wiking



Big thanks to all artists.

Special thanks to: Family, Daniel Remheden, Marita Thynell, Thomas Persson, Jonas Gillberg, Alice Ahnlide, Andy Dahlström, Maria Richarsson, Clay Ketter, Martin Bryder, Gert-Olle, Oda Hagerud, Kristina Eldon.

Love Coffee Roasters, Östra Grevie Folkhögskola, Heimstaden, Typotopia.