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Exhibition DUALITY: 21.10 - 09.11 2022

Martin Farran-Lee & Karl A. LjungmarK

Vernissage: Friday 21st October / 18.00 - 21.00

Exhibition period: 21.10 - 9.11

Address: Falkenbergsgatan 4, Malmö

Welcome to the opening of the exhibition DUALITY by the artists Martin Farran-Lee and Karl A. Ljungmark at The Cowgirl Gallery. The exhibition explores textures, materials, and distortions from a digital and analog world. Ljungmark and Farran-Lee present a show with photography and typography in focus.



Martin Farran-Lee is a Copenhagen-based graphic designer. Working as an art director and designer he has created photography books, exhibition catalogues, book covers and magazines in the fields of art, architecture, design and fashion. In 2002, Martin founded the design company Specific Design and over the years he has worked with clients such as Hayward Gallery, Moderna Museet, Fritz Hansen and Phaidon. Beside his design practice, Martin is a Visiting Professor in the Graphic Design Department at Malmö University.


From working with design and layout, Martin’s interest in typography, photography and knowledge of printing techniques, soon developed into an urge to explore freer forms of graphic expression: combining words and images into layers of meaning.


In the exhibition Duality, the texts that form the foundation of Farran-Lee’s work are used as triggers for visual explorations. The texts are chosen carefully and come from different sources; John Keats’ poetry from the romantic era of the early 19th century and Shantideva’s buddhist teachings from 8th century India. Sometimes the words are Martin’s own and all of the artworks are driven by a wish to reach beyond the words in order to form additional other images in the mind of the viewer.



Karl Anders Ljungmark is a Malmö-based designer and art director. Currently working at Malmö University’s graphic design department, he lectures on visual communication, corporate identity and graphic design. Ljungmark has been tutoring and lecturing at universities around the world, such as Parsons School of Design (New York) and has worked as creative director at international communication agencies mostly based in Scandinavia.


In addition to his design practice, Ljungmark is exploring with textures, materials and distortions, both digital and analog. His works is an excursion in finding new paths in photographic visual communication. The chain of touch points is flexible and extends beyond the obvious interpretation.


In Duality: Perceived Distortions at The Cowgirl Gallery, the artworks are produced in an experimental way on a very thin aquarelle paper. The paper is then soaked in a water basin, crumpled into a ball by hand and enfolded while still damp, making a unique piece. Due to the process at least 50% of the prints are discarded. The artworks are made in one copy only. 

Very welcome, everyone!

Tuesday - Friday 10-17
Saturday - Sunday 12-17

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