The Cowgirl Gallery daily serve locally roasted coffee, croissants, plant based wraps, waffles and ice cream. Enjoy your fika surrounded by art and soul music. The gallery is study friendly and offers free Wi-Fi!

100% plant based & local produced

The Cowgirl Gallery serves coffee from Love Coffee Roasters. Espresso "Tradition" and brew coffee "The Daily Grind " from Brazil. Both are intense, sweet and full bodied with notes of dark chocolate, toasted nuts and dried fruit.


Love Coffee Roasters is a roastery based in Lund, founded by Daniel Remheden in 2009. They strive to have longterm relationships with their producers and partners in order to build a sustainable supply chain.


They roast every coffee with a unique profile on a handbuilt, manual drum roaster. Every week they do sensory analysis of the production in order to sustain our level of quality.

Big thanks to Love Coffee Roasters, Daniel Remheden.