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Vava Art Colletive x The Cowgirl Gallery 

11.03-30.03 2022


With a vision to open up the art scene for unestablished artists and creators, Linnea Wästfelt and Kasia Tym founded the project Vava Art Collective during their time at the Glasgow School of Art. They noticed that artists had difficulties in finding places to present their art and decided to announce an open call to find and exhibit artists. It resulted in an exhibition at South Block Gallery in Glasgow 2019. Now, The Cowgirl Gallery hosts their second exhibition called "Connection". 


At the beginning of 2022, an open call was announced on the theme Connection. Over a hundred submissions were received. Among those, 17 artists with varying experiences, ages and genders from six countries including, Sweden, Germany, Polen, Italy, Portugal and Australia, were selected to be exhibited. The artists explore different interpretations of the word connection and have been chosen based on visual expression, process and technique. The exhibition includes artworks made of wool, bio plastics, spray and oil painting, photography, tufting and video art. 

The Cowgirl Gallery is an art gallery and coffee bar with weekly events, such as live music, cinema club and poetry shows, with new exhibitions opening every month. The gallery is founded and run solely by a young cowgirl with a vision of creating an inclusive and inspiring meeting point for artists and creators. The cowgirl, together with Vava Art Collective, has curated this exhibition. 


Exhibiting: Hanna Tordai, Anton Ströbeck, Julia Åberg, Frida Gällblad, Simay Keles, Frida Rådlund, Daniela Doe, Isabelle Alice Nilsson, Malin Sjöstedt, Isa Robertini, Phoebe Crookes, Idun Wahlgren, Rickard Grönkvist, Aleksandra Skowronska, David Anthony Sant, Isabel Rodriguez Ramos, Franziska Ostermann. 


With great thanks to Malmö Stad, Ung Media Sverige and JustNu Tryckeri 

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