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13.01 - 26.02 2023

Barbara Breitenfellner (b. 1969, Austria)
Isabel Reitemeyer (b. 1966, Germany)
Julia Åberg (b. 2000, Sweden)

Exhibition Opening Night

January 13th at 18.00-21.00


Welcome to the opening of the 2023 premiere exhibition at The Cowgirl Gallery.

A collection of collages with different techniques and expressions is presented by the three artists Barbara Breitenfellner, Isabel Reitemeyer and Julia Åberg. In addition to the exhibition, the evening offers live music, mingle and the opportunity to meet the artists.

Barbara Breitenfellner’s work includes installations and collages, as well as silkscreen, photoengraving and art book editions. Her collages derive their raison d’être from the uncanny and often subversive links that happen during the making. The collages shown at Cowgirl Gallery are composed of superimpositions, interferences, displacements, implosions, incisions, fractures, and fragmentations. They find their expression in obscure, inconsistent and often deviant associations they evoke in the viewer's imagination.


Barbara Breitenfellner, born in Austria, graduated from the Glasgow School of Art with a Master of Fine Art and lives in Berlin. She has had solo exhibitions at the Centre Photographique d’Ile-de-France, Pontault-Combault; Le Confort Moderne, Poitiers; and HMKV, Dortmund, among others, as well as group exhibitions at Rencontres de la Photographie, Arles; and the Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac, Paris. Her works are represented in important collections, such as the Berlinische Galerie, the Artothek des Bundes, Vienna, and the Fonds national d’art contemporain, Paris. 



The collages of Isabel Reitemeyer are disconcerting yet strangely familiar. Drawn to an image, usually of a person or animal, Reitemeyer proceeds by cutting away essential elements that determine our interpretation. She covers the eyes or parts of the image so that they no longer direct our gaze, merges disparate images or isolates fragments. In her search for an essence, she creates entirely new beings. By refusing to conform to the norm, her extraordinary images challenge the way we see things.


Isabel Reitemeyer (b. 1966, Nordhorn, Germany), has lived in Berlin, since 2002. After training as a window dresser, she studied visual communication in Muenster. Before specializing in collage, she worked as a printer, graphic designer, as well as a film set designer for well-known German films, including Mogadishu and The Reader. Reitemeyer’s collages have featured on many record covers and magazine covers and were shown in exhibitions around the world. Museal exhibitions include Bröhan Museum Berlin, Museum Böttcherstraße Bremen, and Frauenmuseum Wiesbaden.



Julia Åberg finds her collages as an endless fictional story, traveling through history.  By cutting out fragments from an original context, she creates new narratives and reinventing the past. Her large collection of diaries filled with text, documentation and montage of torn images and materials found in her surroundings was the beginning of Julia’s creation of collages. This paved the way for an endless creation of collages, where the visual expression became her narrative and focal point.


Julia Åberg (b. Norrköping) based in Malmö has received attention for her large scale oil paintings and her rapidly growing collection of collages. With studies in fine art, Julia has exhibited several times at several galleries in Skåne. In this exhibition, Julia shows a collection of collages made in autumn 2022. Her transition from classical painting to photographic collage can be seen in the way she presents her works. In a new but familiar way of exhibiting her work, the collages are stretched on canvas, just like a painting, but without paint.


Falkenbergsgatan 4, Malmö

Open hours
Tuesday - Friday 10-17
Saturday - Sunday 12-17

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