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Salle De Reception
Alexis Jamet & Manon Cezaro

Salle De Réception

Alexis Jamet & Manon Cezaro 

May 17 – June 14 

As playful and decadent as a teacup brimming over with champagne, Salle deRéception is a perfect introduction to the whimsical, mischievous world of theParis-based duo Alexis Jamet and Manon Cezaro. This is the latest project in their longstanding creative partnership and has been bespoke made for Cowgirl Gallery. 

Working together since 2017, Jamet and Cezaro have established a visual language of fuzzy, colourful textures and anthropomorphic objects. Jamet is a designer andillustrator whose work includes animated short films, installations, and digital drawings which have exhibited in Amsterdam, Berlin, Shanghai and more. Cezaro is a visual artist who works with a range of mediums and techniques including plaster sculptures, whiteboard drawings, textiles and has published books of photography. Jointly they have exhibited in Tokyo and all over France. 

In time for the Southern Sweden Design Days, Salle De Réception asks how design reflects identity. As you’ll notice, some objects are alive, adorning sly smiles and flickering their eyelashes at you from across the room. These objects are the native inhabitants of Jamet and Cezaro’s eccentric picture book world and their cryptic faces explore how objects are extensions of us and therefore possess a life of their own. 

But it is the flair of Jamet and Cezaro’s creative process that truly brings these objects to life in the fashion of an opulent reception. The mixture of mediums is decadent, featuring risograph and screen prints using natural pigments, pastries of modelling clay, a curtain of 21,000 beads, whiteboard drawings, plaster sculptures along with an animated video to set the scene. The use of digital methods, such as hazy AI-generated images and inverted colours, give these works an intoxicating, hallucinatory sheen. With Salle De Réception, Jamet and Cezaro invite you to adelirious, lavish leaving soirée for Cowgirl Gallery.

With support from Malmö City and Swedish Art Council.

Text by Harry Thorfinn
Curator Selma Modéer Wiking

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